At McAdams Farm, we raise Katahdin/Dorsett cross lamb that has an excellent, mild flavor. Visit us at the farm or the farmers’ market for more information. Our supply of the various cuts is not always constant, so be sure to check with us ahead of time if there is something particular that you would like.

Lamb Chops - $17.75/lb

Rack of Lamb - $14.00/lb

Whole Leg – Bone-in - $9.75 /lb

Leg Roasts - $10.75/lb

Leg Steaks - $13.00/lb

Shoulder Chops - $10.00/lb

Cubes/Stew - $10.75/lb

Shoulder Roasts - $9.75/lb

Shanks - $9.75/lb

Ground Lamb - $9.95/lb

Liver/Tongue/Heart/Mountain Oysters - $5.00-$7.00/lb

Bones - $2.00/lb

Kidneys - $7.00/lb
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McAdams Farm · 1100 Efland Cedar Grove Rd. · Efland, NC 27243
919-732-7701 · 919-309-5935