U-Pick or We-Pick

Strawberries are usually in season during the month of May. You are welcome to pick them yourself, or you may choose to just pick them up off the table.

We are open Monday through Saturday, beginning at 8:00 AM and continuing until 7:00 PM or until we are picked out. If you are thinking of coming later in the day or on Saturday, please call ahead to see if we are picked out. The message on the answering machine at (919)732-7701 is updated daily.

We grow about 2 acres of strawberries, and the variety that we plant is called Chandler. Each year we look forward to a great strawberry season. Children with juice dripping down their chins and adults carrying out baskets full of red, ripe berries make the season worthwhile. Read on to find out more about the growing process.
The Strawberry Growing Cycle

The strawberries are planted in the 3rd week in September. They are grown in raised beds with watering tubes in them. This irrigation system allows us to ensure that the strawberries have an adequate supply of water and nutrients. As seen to the left, once the plants are delivered the strawberries plugs are loaded up and ready to go into the soil.

In the spring, if the temperature gets below 25 degrees we have to cover them. Once the blooms are out, if it gets below 35 degrees we have to spray water on them. When the water freezes on the berries, it protects them from the cold.

If the temperature gets above 90 degrees, we have to spray them to keep them cool. We had to spray water on them 3 times this year (one night we had to stay up all night and tend to them), and cover them 4 times.

Honeybees are on site to help with the pollination. We also use integrated pest management (IPM). One way that we do this is by putting predatory mites on the strawberries; they eat a type of mite that causes harm to the berries by sapping the plantís energy.

Despite the challenges presented by the weather and pests, we continue to grow our tasty strawberries. We hope to see you at the patch.
Frequently Asked Questions During Strawberry Season:

Q: What are your hours?
A: Monday through Saturday, 8 AM to 7 PM or until picked out. We strongly recommend coming early in the day or calling ahead (919-732-7701) for the latest update, especially on Saturdays.

Q: Which strawberries should I pick?
A: The red ones taste the best! We will direct you to a row in the field and have you move a flag from where you start picking to where you finish; that way we can keep track of where the ripe berries are.

Q: Do you provide containers or should we bring our own?
A: We provide containers for you to pick in and take the berries home in if you would like to pick your own. We strongly encourage customers to bring back their baskets year after year, and we have customers who still bring the same ones they used in our very first year!

Q: Can I pick my own berries?/ Do I have to pick my own berries?
A: We offer the opportunity to pick-your-own berries or purchase them pre-picked. Unfortunately we are not able to take orders for pre-picked berries. We generally try to have pre-picked berries available.

Q: Who can pick berries?
A: All ages visit our farm to pick strawberries. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the patch.

Q: What else do you grow besides strawberries?
A: We will have lettuce and other spring vegetables available at the start of the season, and later in the year we will have squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, okra, cantaloupes, and many other crops. We also have cut flowers, and frozen beef and lamb.

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